The Joint Venture ATT

Two global players. One goal.

Aerospace Transmission Technologies

A 50:50 joint venture of Liebherr-Aerospace and Rolls-Royce

Aerospace Transmission Technologies was founded in 2015 to develop manufacturing capability and capacity for the power gearbox for a new generation of Rolls-Royce engines.
Rolls-Royce leads the design definition and design integration of the power gearbox, as well as the testing activities. For this purpose, Rolls-Royce has built a new test centre at its Dahlewitz site south of Berlin.
Our objective is to produce the best aerospace powertrain gearboxes in the world. We innovate continuously, taking gear manufacturing to new levels. Our high-performing team is justifiably proud of the reliable products and processes we develop.

From Friedrichshafen into the world

Currently, the components are manufactured in existing Liebherr facilities. As production volumes increase, we will look at options for creating a standalone manufacturing infrastructure.
We employ more than 40 employees currently from almost a dozen different countries. Most of them are qualified engineers.

Numbers & Facts

Founding Year

Excellence “made in Germany”

Together we break new technological ground. Our agile young company benefits from the established industrial base provided by two highly regarded parent companies.
This combination of the best of both worlds gives us the ability to tackle the clearly defined technological challenge we face.